Case Study 1: Legal Firm using Outsourced Financial Control

A 3 partner legal firm with a staff of 15 seemed to have the accounting resources required to manage the practice. It had a full time experienced bookkeeper and an accountancy practice that looked after its tax compliance. However, the partners didn't feel that they were getting the financial information they needed to manage the practice on a day to day basis. They have engaged and their financial management concerns have been resolved. Their outsourced financial controller comes on-site 1.5 days per month and generates a financial report showing the profit for the month, variances against budget, fee performance by fee earner, status of outstanding fees and a cash flow forecast. In addition to the on-site time the financial controller is available via e-mail or phone to deal with any queries that arise in the normal course of business. The practice know knows where it stands financially and the "finance black hole" that was once a bone of contention between the partners is now in the safe hands of an experienced financial controller.

Case Study 2: Hotel use of an Interim Financial Controller

When a major Irish hotel group was faced with the resignation of the financial controllers from two of its hotels in the same week it decided to use the opportunity to restructure the senior finance team. However, this would take a number of months and in the meantime they needed a solution to maintain the financial management of two hotels. took over the Financial Control responsibilities of both hotels during the restructuring period and also provided valuable input into the efficiencies that could be introduced to assist the restructuring process. The project lasted 6 months.

Case Study 3: Business start up use of an Interim Financial Controller

Edun was founded by Bono and Ali Hewson to promote the production of designer clothing in third world countries. It is a global company with headquarters in Dublin. During the start up phase the company didn't need a full time Financial Controller. However, it needed the expertise and financial integrity that an experienced finance executive would provide. The role was filled by a member of our team. Initially this was on-site for 2 days per week. As the business started to grow this quickly increased to 3 days per week and in a short period the company reached the point where a full time role existed. We liaised with recruitment agencies to source suitable candidates, conducted the first round interviews and short listed the candidates to meet the executive management team. The final step was to transition the finance function to the successful candidate. The end of another interim financial controller role!

Case Study 4: Project Management of a Business Growth Phase

A food distribution company was awarded a significant national distribution contract by one of the largest retail organisations in Ireland. The impact on the finance department was significant as it involved the administration of the "order to payment" process for an additional 150 suppliers. The company needed resource and a plan to integrate the new contract into the existing finance function. The solution was provided by . The work was structured into a set of project deliverables and a team assembled to do the work with minimal disruption to the existing responsibilities of the finance department.

Case Study 5: Business Planning Project

Independent Colleges was established in 2008. This was a multi million euro investment in the 3rd level education marketplace. worked with the founders over a six month period to prepare the business plan and eventually present the financial analysis to the investors. When the college commenced operations the financial projections were handed over to the newly appointed finance director.